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  • Welcome to Dragonfly

    Welcome to Dragonfly, our independent retail space with crafts and creativity for all ages, connected to nature and with a focus on caring for the natural environment.
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  • Helping Hedgehogs - Care for Creatures

    Autumn is the season when our favourite garden visitors are busiest, searching for food in preparation for winter hibernation. Hedgehogs are fantas...
  • Mindful Macramé: Craft of the Month

    The calming knotting of macramé work gives a break from the day to day and lets your mind wander as your hands get busy and you create beautiful, natural items for your home or to give as gifts.

  • Seed Gathering Season

    When you have gathered your tree seeds heck which ones are most likely to grow by putting them in water first; the seeds that sink are the good ones, and the ones that float can be discarded. 
  • Our plastic promise

    We're working hard to reduce plastic whenever and wherever we can. Here's how we are reducing, reusing and recycling at Dragonfly Bude.