Mindful Macramé: Craft of the Month

The calming knotting of macramé work gives a break from the day to day and lets your mind wander as your hands get busy and you create beautiful, natural items for your home or to give as gifts.

Very little kit is needed; instructions and cord, or a beginner’s macramé kit is enough to get started, with a macramé board and pins useful additions for some projects.

Macramé is experiencing a recent revival, having been popular in the 60s and 70s, but the origins of this handcraft go back to 13th century Arabian rug makers, as well as jewellery and fishing net knotting from centuries past. The four main knots used in macramé are Lark’s head, square knot, basket weave and half hitch. Beginner techniques can be added to with additional decorative knots, combinations of knots, beads and various cords, yarns and twine.

At Dragonfly we have a range of beautiful UK made macramé cord in contemporary colours including moss, cherry, silver, sage, gold, sand and slate, plus natural cord sold by the metre in 5mm and 3.5mm for macramé and crochet projects.

Our kits include make a plant hanger, macramé owl for beginners and a beautiful wall hanging. Once you have followed the instructions, try it out again in a new colour, add some new knots and build up your skill and expertise with every project. Before you know it, you’ll be planning a bespoke wall hanging or a hammock chair.