Our plastic promise

We're working hard to reduce plastic whenever and wherever we can.

We ask our suppliers about packaging and plastic content in products and choose plastic free first. 
We only use paper packaging for our carrier bags, postal deliveries and wrapping - all recycled and sealed with paper tape.

We use everything we can for craft projects, for display and for creativity, so any plastic packaging that does turn up in our shop is put to good use first.

We have lots of recycled products in our shop, from recycled card blank cards and envelops to make your own, to plant labels made from plant pots and pencils made from newspaper. We have recycled plastic marker pens and highlighters too.

We dispose of any plastic packaging that we can't use in a sustainable way, sending it to be used for energy and never to landfill.

We collect your old pens, markers, highlighters and mechanical pencils to be recycled with Recycling for Charity. Drop off as many as you have at our collection point and get in touch to find out more.

We collect your unwanted craft items and sell them on for donations to our local charity - Defibrillators for Bude. Drop in to see what's in the swap box today!

And we're adding more ideas all the time to ensure that we keep reducing, reusing and recycling as much as possible because we love our planet x